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Meyer's Old Guestbook

Neri Joseph Levy
My name is Neri and Meyer is my great great uncle. I am named after joseph litvin

Gloria Roden
I am going to send you an email, because I just finished reading
In Search
I cannot explain how emotional this book was for me..

Bill Heroy
you are a memorable writer- you remind me of an T. Driser of An American Tradgy- thorough

alison henry
I think it is good, but I did want to get more info on the Levin Family as I am doing the family tree.Can you tell me where the Levin family originate from?We have a Olif Levin in the family .CAN YOU HELP? REGARDS ALISON X

Dear Meyer levin,
I did my Ph.D on the author of your name who wrote IN SEARCH.I have compared his MY FATHERS HOUSE with our HINDU religious thought. Do you have anything to do with my author whose wife TERESKA is a leading writer in PARIS.?

Its really great webpage that let u know more about the our greatest Meyer Levin .I am looking forward hear from you .
Best Rergards

Mort Litvin
Great website! Uncle Meyer and Aunt Syl: You two have always been an inspiration to me. I remember how almost every Sat night in south Phila back in the early and mid 40s we would sit around discussing the war with my Mom and Dad and Aunt Sylvia.Where wer

E-mail: Hirsekorn
Meyer: Great website..well done.

Your Name: Samantha, Larry and Tyler Besnoff (Mittman)
Cousin Meyer,
What a wonderful website to share with the entire family and the entire world. Love, Cousins Samantha, Larry and Tyler

Morris Orenberg
Meyer here again I have read your stories over the past years and have enjoyed them, and again sitting here with my family enjoyed it like the first time. We wish you and sylvia well, and hope you keep writing....
If it were not up to you, I would not

Jayson Dubin
Dear Meyer,
My Name is Jayson Dubin, I am married to Lori Peiper, grandaghter of Morris & Evelyn Orenberg. We are all sitting together reading aloud your very interesesting and factual stories. Everyone here myself included find your stories and life

Doris Weinstock
Your website is wonderful, Meyer, and Peter is such a wonderful grandson for creating it!! I loved all of it: the family history, the jokes, and photos! Zei gezunt, dear friend.

sherrie savett

Meyer, this is really neat. It was good to hear from you. Barry and I are doing well.Website is unbelieveable.

Pat McIlwee
A great job by an old friend---

Dear Meyer !
really iam so glad for that found you website .I would love to tell you that i am from Sudan first and i am student of Arts ,and when i was doing a serch about greater writer s i asked an America student and she just told me about you and no

Diana Levine
I just loved your funny humor. You are terrific!!!!!

Amelia Glaser
I'm glad you have a website. Might you be the same Meyer Levin about whom Nokhem Vaysman wrote a book in verse in 1944?

joyce mcclure
Greetings from LOWC, Valparaiso, Ind. Have just been given part of your book IN SEARCH, I am attempting to write the history of Lake of the Woods and found your articlc fastining. Would like to hear more.

Scott Brown
Meyer, it was great to see you yesterday. Although it has been years since I have seen you and Sylvia, you two remain two of my favorite relatives.

Sharon Shore Collins
Hi Meyer. I showed your website to my parents. They were overwhelmed. As always, I enjoyed your stories. Say hi to Naomi for me. My children are now 29, 26, and 22. My daughter received her PhD from Stanford; my son is a composer in Boston; my other son i

Eleanor Olvey
I love it :-)

Fred S. Hirsekorn — 06/18/00 21:00:58
Your web site is impressive and abviously done quite professionally. I was delighted to find your "profile"! Will open all the other material as well. I did not know the many skills you possessed, another delightful surprise. Keep it up! Regards, Fred

Norman Mazer — 06/03/00 17:50:12
Dear Uncle Meyer and Aunt Sylvia, Last night was Angela's graduation from High School and my mother, Edy, came out from Philadelphia to celebrate with us. She and I have been enjoying your website for the past hour. We printed out all of the stories and look forward to reading them (again for me). Thanks again for your recent telephone calls. It's might turn to call.

Here are a few words from Edy:

Dear Meyer and Sylvia,
I am so happy that Norm and his family had a chance to meet with you. I am so proud of them. I am glad that you are able to live near your family and enjoy the good life in Arizona. Your stories are incredible. I never knew about your early life. It would make a movie. I recently saw a film that I think you would appreciate. It's called "East/West" and it was made in Europe. It's a love story and it takes place in 1946. I know you would appreciate it. It blew me away... Life in Salt Lake is beautiful. Norm and his family live in a gorgeous house and view the whole valley. I love to be here with them. As you have said "it's great in America".

P.S. from both of us: The website is terrific. But you need some new jokes.

Dr. Naftuli Cooperman — 02/05/00 02:26:17
Good website!..........but for story telling I need more of your humor....Thanks!

Phyllis — 09/12/99 20:36:52
your website is wonderful, but my websitee will not permit me to tead your stories. I get all the other things, as you can see here. Phyllis & Jack

Phyllis — 08/28/99 16:49:32
Gotcha I did some exploring and got your website' It's fantastic. I love the music.It will take some time for me to get to all the sites, but I put it into my favorites so it is easier to log on to you. Boy is this fun. Phyllis

Charles S. Goldstein — 08/16/99 00:05:46
You have a great website Meyer. Arnold and Rebecca had dinner at my house and I tried e-mailing you some pictures I took of them. Check with Naomi, your site would not accept attachment. Warmest Regards, Charles.

Rebecca Levin — 04/19/99 01:08:41
Cool website. It is a very cool life that you live!

Mark Torpey — 02/24/99 03:30:50
What an insight into the life and struggle of an immigrant making his way in the new world.
I was strikingly impressed with your ability to recall the exciting, happy and not so happy times of your childhood, escaping to America.